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Praise for nick deriso’s journey:Worlds apart

For a band of its stature and impact, there’s precious little literature out there about Journey. Nick DeRiso’s JOURNEY: WORLDS APART fills that gap in a comprehensive, well, journey through the band’s 50-year-plus career. Packed with up-to-date facts and, most importantly, context, WORLDS APART offers plenty of insight for fans both faithful and casual—going all the way back to its roots in Santana and steering us through the songs and albums, the personalities, the soap opera dynamics, and the determined wherewithal that have kept Journey riding through it all. There’s much more to this band than “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and WORLDS APART gives us all of it.

Gary Graff, longtime (not South) Detroit music critic and author of Alice Cooper at 75

“Journey was amazing in their resilience and it’s hard to say enough about their chops: Steve Perry, he really has a talent that is so extreme, it’s scary. Steve Smith is the world’s baddest white boy on drums. Ross Valory, always there, always dependable—a fabulous bass player with the best sense of humor. Neal Schon, I’m telling you he is the master. For me, there’s nobody who touches Neal. We had the best crew of road men and women ever! Everyone came together because of the determination of Herbie Herbert. Without Herbie, none of this would have ever happened. JOURNEY: WORLDS APART takes fans all the way back. It’s as close to how it was then as you’re ever going to read.

Pat Morrow, former longtime Journey road manager and Nocturne CEO

“From ‘Don’t Stop Believin” to ‘Separate Ways,’ Journey unconsciously wrote the band’s autobiography in their songs. Nick DeRiso’s JOURNEY: WORLDS APART follows that long, strange ‘journey’ from the stage of Woodstock to Trump’s Oval Office in almost granular detail, detailing a long-running battle of the band. A must-read for all Journey fans.”

Joel Selvin, former San Francisco Chronicle music writer

“Believers in Journey’s entire journey should embrace Nick DeRiso’s “Worlds Apart” with open arms. This is a compelling deep dive into the rather complicated history of one of the most enduringly beloved bands in rock history.”

David Wild, former Rolling Stone writer and contributing editor

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